5 things you should know before adopting a cat

The day has arrived! After many reflections and having properly meditated, you have decided to share your life with a cat. And as with dogs, adoption is an economic option and the opportunity to change the fate of our furry little friends. We propose 5 factors that you should consider before adopting a cat.

1. Age

We often tend to think that the younger our new pet is, the easier it will be to adapt. In the case of cats, this statement is not entirely true. When the cats are younger (up to a year and a half), apart from the process of acclimatization to the new home, we must also take into account the hyperactivity proper to that stage. If we are going to spend many hours away from home or do not have the time to play with our kittens, an adult cat (more than 2 years) will be more successful, not only adapt faster but also tend to be more autonomous and with Calmer and calmer character.

2. Your new home

Cats do not need especially large spaces, although we must enable well-defined spaces for our cat to make it their own and feel at home. The toilet area should be well separated from the area where you have water and food. We must also indicate an area for games and what will be your bed or sleeping area.

3. Living with other animals

Cats are territorial by definition, so you must assess before adopting, the compatibility of our pet with the future tenant. To do this, in the beginning, it is best to keep them in separate spaces, so that little by little, they get to know each other through the noise, smell … for at least seven days. Your job then will be to make a good host and present it
to the other members of the family, with much patience and avoiding forcing them to come closer.

If the first pet is a dog that we know has a good relationship with cats, after two weeks, we will begin to let them come and smell, always under our supervision. It is important not to lose your temper because it is more than likely that there are races and some other snorting, that in a few days you will forget to live perfectly.
In the case of sharing a home with another cat, the process may be slower. Do not give up or scold either of them; at the time you will see that each one finds his role and they become inseparable. You may also be interested: Cats and babies, can they live together?

4. Your first check-up

The majority of adoption centers deliver to the sterilized cats. Even so, it is convenient to first visit who will be your future veterinarian. There, they will perform the first checkup, they will give you the relevant vaccines, and they will check your health status -test for immunodeficiency and leukemia-. It is very important that you take advantage of this first visit to identify it -chip- since it will be the best way to locate it in case of getting lost.

5. The first days

Cats are more like people than dogs. Even if they are adorable and you want to hug them and squeeze them, they can feel overwhelmed. They need to have their own space and you must be patient to gain the trust and affection of a feline. Talk to him softly and sweetly and avoid sudden and rapid movements.
Let it be he who smells you and is curious to approach you. In a few days, it will be he who will not want to leave you and sleep curled up between your legs.

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