Cat sanctuaries around the world

What is a cat sanctuary?

We live in a world in which animalism and awareness against animal abuse gain followers every day. And is the news about pet abuse make us every day more aware of the need to care for and protect animals. From this, the necessity of the cat sanctuaries appear and we invite you to discover how they work.

A cat sanctuary is a permanent refuge for cats rescued from situations of abuse. That is to say; it is like a protector of cats but without giving in adoption. Cats that enter a sanctuary stay there for the rest of their lives.

Usually,  the cat sanctuaries are shelters located on land in areas more unknown field. In fact, some do not publicly communicate their location to avoid theft, assault or abandonment near their walls.

It is true that it also depends on what kind of cats they shelter: there are butterfly or firefly sanctuaries that do not have walls, because the insects live free in the forest, and all the land is protected.

How a cat sanctuary is financed

The big problem facing the sanctuaries of cats is the financing, and that is the veterinary care, and pet food usually have a high cost. However, sanctuaries are still standing thanks to donations from individuals.

Each sanctuary has its own methods of financing: some have partners, others hold events in which they raise money, others help with crowdfunding pages …

The reality is that there are few public subsidies to which sanctuaries can receive, so the vast majority of the money they have is collected from private individuals.

Because of this, they usually can not afford to have hired personnel, so most of the cat sanctuaries work thanks to the work of volunteers. They are people who help in what they can without asking anything in return, more than the satisfaction of collaborating with a good cause, which is worthy of praise.

How to help a cat sanctuary

Each cat sanctuary has its way of working, so if you want to lend a hand to one of them, ask them what they need. What they usually ask for is financial donations or material: stands or blankets in winter, pallets, buckets, cleaning material, etc.

Shelter of Cats

There are cat sanctuaries that require more volunteers. It turns out that a volunteer can perform many and varied jobs: from cleaning the facilities to collaborate in the dissemination through social networks, as well as in bureaucratic paperwork.

There are some who get part of their funding thanks to the guided tours. They charge the will or a symbolic price to the visitors who want to know their facilities and how they work, and thus they manage to raise enough to be able to pay the vets.

If you want to collaborate in this case, search the internet for animal sanctuaries near your location and choose one that protects animals that you identify with or that are close to you. The first step in knowing what they need is to ask them directly.  They are run by sensitive people who appreciate all the help they want to give.

In conclusion, it should be noted that cat sanctuaries are nothing more than the consequence of the cruel and aggressive world that plagues pets. Thanks to these places, pets that have had a bad time can start to live without fear and without pain. We all can contribute our bit to help them continue to develop their work, so go ahead and collaborate!

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