Cats sleeping habits


A cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day, and although it seems strange, they do not do it to preserve its feline beauty. Depending on the age of the cat, the dream serves for some things or for others. In the case of a baby pussycat, sleeping 20 hours a day helps the puppy strengthen its bones and muscles until they are fully developed. If the cat is an adult, the hours of sleep act as a restful sleep. Here we tell you some details about the dream and your cat.

The habits of the hunter cat

Cats sleep to rest their body and conserve energy. The sleeping habits of these animals come from their wild ancestors, who hunted to survive. For the felines, the best hours to hunt are dawn and dusk, so they spent the rest of the day resting between meals.

Why do you have to sleep so much?

Unlike herbivorous animals, which need many hours to eat and satisfy their hunger, carnivores have a high protein diet and do not need to spend long hours eating to keep their body in top condition. Domestic cats no longer need to sleep to recover energy and then hunt, but anyway, they preserve their sleep patterns.

What are the sleep patterns of cats?

Being with closed eyes does not mean that your pussycat always sleeps in the same way. The sleep patterns of cats are very similar to those of humans, and they can sleep a light nap or rest deeply.

Light sleep: The cat keeps his eyes closed and relaxes, but his senses are on alert, and he wakes up feeling the slightest noise

Deep sleep: At 30 minutes of light sleep, the cat enters a phase of deep sleep. Your body is relaxed, although you can have rapid eye movements and move your legs, mouth, ears and even your whiskers. This is the phase in which experts believe that the cat dreams. In this dream you also have your senses on alert and if you notice a shadow or movement around you, open an eye and investigate. If there is no problem, go back to sleep, but if it is an emergency or a threat, it will rise quickly and go into action.

Differences between the dream of humans and the feline

The biggest problem caused by sleep patterns of domestic cats is that they do not sleep at night, since they normally sleepĀ  during the day because they are alone at home. Therefore, when the owner arrives,

the cat wants to play with him. To help you exercise when you are not at home and have fun during the day, you can put cat toys on them and you will feel tired at night. And if you also create an area near a window where you can see what is happening outside, keep your curiosity active.

You can also hide small portions of food around the house, so that the cat has to use his ingenuity to get it and entertain himself. In addition, you should devote a good time to the interactive game when you get home. It is especially convenient to make him run. The main meal should be dinner and it should be given before bedtime. A good portion of food will make the cat sleep between you to conserve the energy that the food provides.

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