Should I buy or adopt a cat


Owning a kitten is a big responsibility same as holding any other animals. It’s like having a child, but with simpler requirements. You will spend with food, vet, cleaning, and will have to do all the daily tasks needed, such as providing exercise, discipline, and nurturing.

Therefore, before adopting or buying a kitten, we should think hard. Am I able to afford the animal? Do I have time to take care of him? Am I well informed of all he needs to be happy? Am I ready to receive it?

– These are some questions you should ask yourself.

So you decided you could afford an animal?

Now you do not know whether to adopt or buy?

Here are the pieces of advice:

First, consider adoption

Can you figure out merely that how many billions of abandoned animals are there throughout the world? 10, 20 or so on …

They are the fruit of irresponsible and bad people, who do not care about the dangers they will run down the street, just want to get rid of responsibility …

There are sanctuaries that house some animals, but have you seen the situation of these shelters? At least, for the most part, dogs and cats are crowded with no room to exercise, even starving, full of skin diseases, worms and other diseases.

In fact, there is a deadline for them to stay there. If that deadline passes, they’re killed in gas chambers, those like the Nazi era, you know? Inside these chambers, the animals die in about 20 minutes, intoxicated by the released gases.

Adopting an animal from a shelter whether it’s a cat or dog, you will be saving a life, which will be grateful forever …

Remember: adoption is for free, but that does not mean you will not spend money. Afterwards, you will spend with vermifuge, vaccines, bath, feeding, castration, etc.

It is sad and at the same time unbelievable that many people still prefer to buy a puppy or a kitten, from breeders or online (who use their “matrices” as tools to make money), with so many animals needing to be adopted, needing of a home.

If we understand that animals are not commodities, but beings capable of feeling, who have needed to love and to be loved, we will agree that there is no point in buying animals. By buying a pet, you will be encouraging a very unfair trade, trading of living things. Remember that there will only be a seller if there is a buyer.

The buyer of animals at baby shows is often unaware of this, as well as unaware of the immense numbers of animals awaiting adoption or awaiting death in the final corridor of the prefectures.

Adopting an animal is valuing life. A dog or cat is capable of feeling emotions – such as pain and joy/excitement – and therefore suffers as much as we humans. It is to regain a life thrown away. By adopting a needy animal, you teach your child, the children with whom you live, true values of responsibility, commitment and, above all, humanity.

By adopting, you help reduce the number of abandoned dogs and cats. Usually, street or shelter animals have been through a lot of suffering, and all they need is a good home to be happy.

And there is no greater reward than to see them turn into that happy, healthy little thing after they have received a good deal of care and affection.

On second thought, the question is another:  if you can change the fate of a needy animal, why would not you?

When to buy?

Buying a pet should only be done if you are looking for a specific function in it, such as guarding, grazing, etc. It can also be for the desired behavior, for example, if you are looking for a pet that does not need many exercises, which is not large, short hair … The breeds of pet are quite varied, with various temperaments, sizes and coatings, but before deciding on a breed, try going to a shelter and see if any dogs there fit into the aspects you are looking for.

Oh, I also think it’s bullshit to buy a cat of breed, because everyone’s behavior is almost the same, only with small differences. The appearance is that it changes, but you do not choose a friend by the color, do you?

It’s important to talk: if you go shopping, buy specialized and responsible kennels. Do not even think of pet shops or anyone else selling it, as this could lead to a strong disappointment … Alternatively, the pet does not fit the breed’s profile, or has behavioral problems, or has genetic diseases, etc. Pet shops and irresponsible breeders only aim at the profit, not at maintaining the standard and health of the breed.

Remember, do not buy a pet of breed just because you think it’s beautiful and wants to show it on the street or to the neighbors! Dogs and cats are not decorating objects!


If you want a dog or cat just for company, adopt. Save a life.

If you are looking for a specific function, buy it. But first, check in the shelters to see if you have no animal that suits your preferences.


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