When a kitten is fully grown

When is a cat an adult until what age is considered a pussycat is still kitty? What is the age at which cats reach sexual, physical and mental maturity? Let’s see!

When will you leave your kitty stage behind and reach maturity? When is a cat adult? How old are cats?

As a rule, it is often said that a cat is an adult when it is one year old, more or less.

What does that mean? It means that when a cat is that age, it has already reached sexual maturity a few months ago (usually for 7 or 8 months, most cats are already able to reproduce).

And it also means that the cat has stopped growing, and has its definitive shape and size of adulthood. Of course, with that age, the cat already has a certain maturity in his personality and character, although that does not mean that over time, as he goes through more situations and experiences, he will adjust him and make him learn more things.

Physical and mental development of the cat

When a kitten is an adult if you had your kitten with you since he was little, you will have noticed “craze” that was in his adolescence and youth.

Between 3 and 7 months, surely your cat spent the day scampering around the house, hunting toys or imaginary prey, climbing to high places, trying to catch your feet, or biting your fingers and your hands to play. If you had two sibling kittens of the same age, you would have been able to check the activity, and how moved these months have been for them. His untiring games chases through the house at full speed, mutual ambushes, etc.

Those months are the most active and even hyperactive of the kittens. They are his stage of tender youth, when they discover the world, explore the potential of their feline body, and want to try and prove all their abilities as runners, jumpers and climbers. It’s a stage full of energy, where they can not sit still for a second!

Some kitten owners of 4 or 5 months wonder if my kitten is crazy? But is my cat always going to be that earthquake? The answer is no! Fortunately, cats, like humans, in addition to growing and reaching adult size, also reach an “adult mind” and calm down over time.

This implies that when a cat is an adult (from the year of life, we have said), his personality is stabilizing more and more. They become calmer, they are not so hyperactive and do not run like crazy every time. It is true that many cats always maintain a certain kitty spirit with them, but after one year of age, cats and cats are calmer and calmer enough.

Cats that are adults later

Now, when a cat is an adult, it is not an exact science. We say that he is an adult with one year, as a general rule, let’s say. Then, it is true that there are races and types of cats slower in their maturity and physical development.

For example, there are breeds such as Maine Coon or Ragdoll, which grow until they are two years old or older.

At that time (the 2 years ) and not before, these cats would complete their physical development completely. In that case, we could say that some cat breeds are adults with two years of life.

What is the reason for this delay? Both breeds have in common (apart from having been created by the hand of man), being especially large and heavy cats. In fact, the Maine Coon is an American cat, considered the largest cat in the world for its size and weight. And the Ragdoll, is also an American cat, big size (although not as much as the Maine Coon). This cat arose from crosses between the Persian cat, Angora cat and other pre-existing breeds.

You can read more about these cats, their origin and their physical and personality characteristics, here: Maine Coon Cat and Ragdoll Cat and see their photographs.

Beware of the reproduction of cats and “kittens”

When it is an adult, a cat does not influence so that it can be father or mother. This may surprise the owners of new cats. When we think of cats that reproduce and have babies, we usually think of an adult cat or cat. But this is not so. When a cat or a cat reaches sexual maturity? It depends, normally around 6 or 8 months, the cats mature, and the cats go into heat for the first time, after which, they can conceive and get pregnant.

But there are cats and cats even earlier than that. In the first heat of the cats, many factors influence, one of them is the amount of sunlight in the environment. Some cats with a tendency to be precocious, if they also find that the days are long and sunny, can go into heat with 5 months and in some cases rarer, there are 4-month-old kittens that can go into heat for the first time.

What does that mean? That in spite of being simple kittens, without physical or mental maturity, they can get pregnant. Therefore, it is important to sterilize our cats before adulthood, especially if they go out, or if we have other cats at home.

We give an example; imagine that you have a cat collected from the street, which has her kittens. As you still see them small, the months pass and you do not sterilize them. What will happen is that the cat will mate with one of her male children (although he is not yet an adult), and there will be another unwanted litter. Therefore, it is important to realize that even if a cat is not yet an adult, if it can reproduce!

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