Aug 08

Vaccines for Cats

Do you know what vaccines are for cats and kittens, at what age should you put them and what diseases do they protect? Keep on reading to know everything. The vaccines are fundamental to take care of the health of our mascot. With them, we prevent and avoid viral and bacterial diseases that, in some […]

Jun 08

why my cat is losing hair

There are many causes why a cat loses much hair. In this article, we will explain the most frequent ones. The most usual thing is that the cat loses much hair because it feels itchy. Because of itching, the cat scratches and licks more than usual. The continuous friction causes the hair to break and […]

Apr 28

When a kitten is fully grown

When is a cat an adult until what age is considered a pussycat is still kitty? What is the age at which cats reach sexual, physical and mental maturity? Let’s see! When will you leave your kitty stage behind and reach maturity? When is a cat adult? How old are cats? As a rule, it […]

Feb 05

Should I buy or adopt a cat

  Owning a kitten is a big responsibility same as holding any other animals. It’s like having a child, but with simpler requirements. You will spend with food, vet, cleaning, and will have to do all the daily tasks needed, such as providing exercise, discipline, and nurturing. Therefore, before adopting or buying a kitten, we […]

Jan 05

5 things to know before adopting a dog

  Many people say “if I had known before …” And we feel that it should not happen to you the same thing is that today so we tell you 5 things that you would like to know before buying a dog . After reading this article you will not be able to say that […]

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