Mar 17

Why my cat is always hungry

The cats have an insatiable appetite, and if we do not control their diet, they will tend to obesity. Overeating can be a serious physical or psychological problem. Therefore, we have to try to know what happens to our cat and solve the problem. One of the causes may be that your cat has worms. […]

Feb 05

Should I buy or adopt a cat

  Owning a kitten is a big responsibility same as holding any other animals. It’s like having a child, but with simpler requirements. You will spend with food, vet, cleaning, and will have to do all the daily tasks needed, such as providing exercise, discipline, and nurturing. Therefore, before adopting or buying a kitten, we […]

Jan 05

5 things to know before adopting a dog

  Many people say “if I had known before …” And we feel that it should not happen to you the same thing is that today so we tell you 5 things that you would like to know before buying a dog . After reading this article you will not be able to say that […]

Jan 02

Cat sanctuaries around the world

What is a cat sanctuary? We live in a world in which animalism and awareness against animal abuse gain followers every day. And is the news about pet abuse make us every day more aware of the need to care for and protect animals. From this, the necessity of the cat sanctuaries appear and we […]

Dec 20

Cats sleeping habits

  A cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day, and although it seems strange, they do not do it to preserve its feline beauty. Depending on the age of the cat, the dream serves for some things or for others. In the case of a baby pussycat, sleeping 20 hours a day helps […]

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